Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Election Rigged Against Giant Meteor!

Little-known Giant Meteor campaign
The Mainstream Media didn't cover the long shot campaign of this little known third-party candidate.  
Going by the name of "Giant Meteor", the third party candidate (considered ineligible due to alien status by many) gathered a small following upon entering the race.  Excitement grew quickly as Giant Meteor's media "splash" approached.  

However, that all ended Sunday as Giant Meteor's campaign which was expected to "hit the ground in a big way" veered off course for at least this election cycle.

A spokesman for Giant Meteor who wished to remain anonymous, suggested that Democrats may have rigged the timing against Giant Meteor "splash" as early as the Democratic primaries.  
"While it can't be proven, nobody can deny that having millions of people waiting for hours at a time in line to vote certainly could have caused enough drag on the planet to alter the results of this election!"
Indeed, there were long lines in many states, and people waited hours in those lines, but did Giant Meteor even have a chance?  The Mainstream Media were calling Giant Meteor "a bigger threat than we know" - even using the slur "Asteroid" in their descriptions... suggesting Meteor was "too big". 

Running as an "outsider" Giant Meteor never had a chance.
Certainly, nobody can deny that Giant Meteor was running as an "outsider".  And third-party outsiders don't stand a chance.  But then, an OUTSIDER is exactly what the voting public has been clamoring for... isn't it?

Did the voters see something new in Giant Meteor?  Something they weren't seeing in the other candidates?  Was it that Giant Meteor seemed like their only chance at a fresh start?  

Yes, that appears to be what the polls confirmed, that faced with the choice of only Clinton or Trump, most people preferred Giant Meteor.  Now that it's too late, we see no harm in looking at Giant Meteor's platform and what voters liked about it.

Giant Meteor's Platform:
1. The end of all wars. And who can deny that, while ambitious, Giant Meteor's threat of ending all war and disarming the entire planet is wonderful.
2. The collapse of the world banking system. Giant Meteor promised to end the banking system as we know it by executive order.
3. No more taxes. Giant Meteor would eliminate taxes AND money.
4. All debts are cancelled.  Giant Meteor would cancel all debts, debits, deficits.
5. Good education for all.  What could be more educating for us than to learn what happens when we offer only Trump and Clinton as our choices.  Giant Meteor would educate us for FREE.
6. No more billionaires! In fact, no more big banks, no big pharma, no corporations, no military industrial complex.
7. A LEVEL playing field.  Giant Meteor would level the playing field for everyone (who's left).
Needless to say, there could have been a lot of appeal for Giant Meteor 2016.  

We can dream, can't we?
The good news is, apparently there are LOTS of giant meteors just waiting to be discovered.  They are hitting our planet daily, on a much smaller scale... down-ballot, so to speak.  And who knows, some say Giant Meteor will be back again next cycle.  We can only hope!

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