Saturday, August 20, 2016

Clinton Foundation: "Move on - Nothing to see here"

I have to admit, I agree with the Clinton family and the hundreds of millions of Clinton supporters and other people they have influenced (in one way or another who are still with us) that I just don't see the problem here.  If the Clinton Foundation had been guilty of accepting donations from foreign governments in exchange for favors by the Bill or Hillary, wouldn't we have heard about it before now?  I mean come on... 

It's obvious that this is all just stuff the Republicans and particularly Donald Trump, who has been colluding with the Russians a lot more recently, came up with to smear Hillary's good name and the good good name of the Clinton Foundation.  Shame on them for dragging this spotless money through the mud... money Hillary just got finished laundering, in fact!  

Sure, make a big deal about Hillary appointing one of her donors to the Nuclear Advisory Board... but don't forget, we were IN THE PROCESS of selling uranium to the Russians... so what do YOU think she should have done... appoint someone who DIDN'T want a favor?

So, what's next, Republicans?  I suppose you'll want to check the books of the Clinton Health Access Initiative.  OK, sure, last time anyone looked, there was a few million laundered through Canada and half a million from Algeria they forgot to report... but all that has changed.  Hillary is going to PROMISE this time.  And I can hear you Trump-supporters just saying "Yeah, but she promised in 2009 when she became Secretary of State"... I can just hear you.  It doesn't matter how many times it's  proven she is incapable of lying, Republicans, for some reason, don't want to acknowledge her spotless record on truthiness.

But she promised there would be no APPEARANCE of a conflict of interest - and it isn't Hillary's fault that the records of these foreign transactions "appeared".  And for the most part Obama helped grease the wheels... so THERE MUST NOT BE ANYTHING WRONG GOING ON.  

And that's EXACTLY what a full public disclosure would reveal, if the Clintons felt the need to make their dealings with foreign governments public... so why should they?

And seriously, BILL is going to PROMISE too, and we all know HE is a man of his word.  So I'm dumbfounded to see what the fuss is all about.  Bill and Hillary promise they will no longer be running the Clinton Foundation... since they will be President and First Whatever... so there is certainly no worry that everything is not on the up and up... so to speak.

So, if you really think Chelsea is going to be taking in money from foreign governments and making promises for her President and First Whatever parents, well, let me just say right here, you must have your tin-foil hat on too tight! 

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