Sunday, August 21, 2016

Voting for the Unknown Known

We'll never know what he knows...
"There are known knowns.
These are things we know that we know.
There are known unknowns.
That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know.
But there are also unknown unknowns.
There are things we don't know we don't know." - Donald Rumsfeld

A wise friend once said to me "You're not often right, but you're wrong again!" Hopefully, I'm going to be right about something for once.  Let's see if we can follow my alethic logic*.

Mr. Rumsfeld left out the one possibility that I am advocating for in this election... the unknown known.  The unknown known is something we don't know we know.

"The unknown known is something we don't know we know" ...  "The unknown known is that we have an alternative to Clinton and Trump" 

OK... I'm quoting myself here trying to be dramatic.

And I'm here to say EXACTLY what that "unknown known" is which will save us from the known known - that is that neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump have the support of the people.  The unknown known is that we have an alternative to Clinton and Trump.  

Impossible, you say?  Third parties don't have a chance?  It's a two-party system?  Are you trying to get Trump elected.  Are you trying to get Hillary Elected.  It HAS to be one or the other... Right?  

What if I told you this is not true.  

Here's what my logical brain is telling me.  The mainstream media isn't covering this election properly... If they were... people would know that the ENTIRE HOUSE is up for re-election in 2016.  Wait what?  Didn't you know this?  If not, why not?  Yes... EVERY SEAT in the House is up for grabs.  Some Senate seats too, but for this conversation, the Senate is unimportant... Sorry Mitch...

OK, fine, but what does that mean with regard to defeating Trump and Clinton?  I'm glad I asked... 

You may have heard a number being tossed around... 270.  That's a "magic" number.  It is the number of electoral college votes one of the candidates needs to receive in order to be President of the United States.  If that doesn't happen (and remember, we have 5 candidates in the race, able to pull votes from Clinton and Trump)... the election is thrown to... <drumroll> ... The HOUSE... NOOOooo... not the House that is sitting today... the NEW HOUSE will decide who our next President will be.  And the new House doesn't have to choose between Clinton and Trump.  There are, again, 5 candidates running.  So voters can actually ENSURE that neither Trump nor Hillary are President.  And here's what that will take:

First, you may have noticed the media has mentioned that the Koch brothers are diverting attention (money) to down-ticket races and not contributing to Trump.  Why is this?  And if the Koch brothers are focusing on down-ticket races, maybe we should too.  
Bernie Sanders, after all, is also pushing down-ticket candidates... and it is starting to look more and more like this could very well be more important in the PRESIDENTIAL election than we know.  That is part of our unknown known.

Now that we know what was unknown, let's take a look at the significance of a disgruntled electorate and a 100% vulnerable house.  

First and foremost, can the electorate ensure that neither Trump nor Clinton attain the necessary 270 electoral votes?

I consider the following states as fertile for possible third-party upsets on the Republican side: AZ - 11, GA - 16, MO - 10
On the Democrat side, third parties could upset in MI - 16, WI - 10

Additionally, I'm not so sure CA is automatically Clinton's - but I'm probably sticking my neck out.  A lot of people I know are angry about being disenfranchised by Democrats.

Other states that could show strong showings for third-party candidates are CO - 9, FL - 29, IA, 6, NC - 15, NH - 4, NV - 6, OH - 16, VA - 13.  If any of these states don't go for Clinton or Trump, we could be looking at neither candidate achieving 270 electoral votes.  Nothing is a sure thing in this election.  Try it out here...

So, it is becoming apparent, to me at least, that the election could be headed for the House.  And, if the big-money corporate interests have their way, their own candidates will retain their seats.  IF...  

And so... to ensure their candidate wins, corporations will throw lots and lots of MONEY into the campaigns of their candidates.  They will run attack ads and fill the air waves with the praises of their corrupt candidates.  And THAT, my friends, is EXACTLY how we will know who to vote for in down-ticket races.  Because the unknown candidate will be known to the voters.  This is the candidate who we've never heard of - or have heard a lot of unsubstantiated nonsense about.  

We would rather vote AGAINST the enemy we know... the INCUMBENT... the name that has been drilled into our heads in every political ad this season (and previous ones).  I'm not suggesting, of course, that voters vote blindly.  I'm suggesting they take a real close look at the unknown candidates on the ticket - and consider voting for them.  Big money will shove their candidates in our faces... Mainstream media will do its best to hide the facts from us too.  But this election, the one thing that was unknown before is known now.  This electorate has the numbers to change the world... and we don't have to limit ourselves to starting at the bottom.

All these seats could be filled with NEW people in 2017.  Those people could select our NEW President.

WE can elect a NEW HOUSE in 2016.  NO INCUMBENTS... Clean sweep.  The NEW House will determine the next President.  If we select the right people to the new House, they will select the right President for US! 

* Alethic Logic : The modal logic of necessity and possibility and contingency.

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