Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Election Rigged Against Giant Meteor!

Little-known Giant Meteor campaign
The Mainstream Media didn't cover the long shot campaign of this little known third-party candidate.  
Going by the name of "Giant Meteor", the third party candidate (considered ineligible due to alien status by many) gathered a small following upon entering the race.  Excitement grew quickly as Giant Meteor's media "splash" approached.  

However, that all ended Sunday as Giant Meteor's campaign which was expected to "hit the ground in a big way" veered off course for at least this election cycle.

A spokesman for Giant Meteor who wished to remain anonymous, suggested that Democrats may have rigged the timing against Giant Meteor "splash" as early as the Democratic primaries.  
"While it can't be proven, nobody can deny that having millions of people waiting for hours at a time in line to vote certainly could have caused enough drag on the planet to alter the results of this election!"
Indeed, there were long lines in many states, and people waited hours in those lines, but did Giant Meteor even have a chance?  The Mainstream Media were calling Giant Meteor "a bigger threat than we know" - even using the slur "Asteroid" in their descriptions... suggesting Meteor was "too big". 

Running as an "outsider" Giant Meteor never had a chance.
Certainly, nobody can deny that Giant Meteor was running as an "outsider".  And third-party outsiders don't stand a chance.  But then, an OUTSIDER is exactly what the voting public has been clamoring for... isn't it?

Did the voters see something new in Giant Meteor?  Something they weren't seeing in the other candidates?  Was it that Giant Meteor seemed like their only chance at a fresh start?  

Yes, that appears to be what the polls confirmed, that faced with the choice of only Clinton or Trump, most people preferred Giant Meteor.  Now that it's too late, we see no harm in looking at Giant Meteor's platform and what voters liked about it.

Giant Meteor's Platform:
1. The end of all wars. And who can deny that, while ambitious, Giant Meteor's threat of ending all war and disarming the entire planet is wonderful.
2. The collapse of the world banking system. Giant Meteor promised to end the banking system as we know it by executive order.
3. No more taxes. Giant Meteor would eliminate taxes AND money.
4. All debts are cancelled.  Giant Meteor would cancel all debts, debits, deficits.
5. Good education for all.  What could be more educating for us than to learn what happens when we offer only Trump and Clinton as our choices.  Giant Meteor would educate us for FREE.
6. No more billionaires! In fact, no more big banks, no big pharma, no corporations, no military industrial complex.
7. A LEVEL playing field.  Giant Meteor would level the playing field for everyone (who's left).
Needless to say, there could have been a lot of appeal for Giant Meteor 2016.  

We can dream, can't we?
The good news is, apparently there are LOTS of giant meteors just waiting to be discovered.  They are hitting our planet daily, on a much smaller scale... down-ballot, so to speak.  And who knows, some say Giant Meteor will be back again next cycle.  We can only hope!

Newly Discovered Asteroid Buzzes Earth
Earth Narrowly Misses Being Hit By Asteroid

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Whose Revolution?

I tuned in to the Our Revolution broadcast.  I couldn't help but wonder... wait... WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?  Are these the "Bernie supporters" we have come to know and love?  The more I watched, the more uncomfortable I became at how subdued the audience appeared.  What happened to the "Bernie, Bernie, Bernie" chants?  Nobody cheered... but more importantly, NOBODY BOOED.  

This had every appearance of a controlled event. More like a Hillary Clinton event, if you ask me. The "Bernie crowd" that represented "Our Revolution" resembled paid SEAT FILLERS!  And it isn't as if they needed to fill a stadium.  This was more of a Clinton-sized crowd.  No signs... no cheers... No love... WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

I listened intently, at first.  I realized I was hearing the "What this campaign is about" stump speech - with the YUGE difference being the word "is" (by any definition) was replaced with the word "was".  Although I was watching live, I knew, by that point, I could safely drift into the kitchen and grab a snack without missing too much.  I thought I noticed a few people in the audience nodding off at some point too. 

Today's octogenarians will be tomorrow's grass roots - Jeff Weaver
Maybe the news of Our Revolution's staff walking out at the hiring of Jeff Weaver had already hit the ears of this crowd.  The idea that Jeff was going to use dark money to fund TV advertising (for you millennials, TV is a little rectangular propaganda advertisement delivery device. It's a little like like a FireTV except you can't interact with it - so you have very limited content which is supported by corporate advertisers and, not surprisingly, you can't shut off advertisements.).  Jeff must be thinking octogenarians of today will be the "grass roots" of tomorrow.

Follow the Favors
Bernie plugged on, however, and he finally got to the part I was waiting for... his endorsements.  I know I already felt a little silly hanging in there, waiting for yet another moment when Bernie could do something that would help me not give up on him.  I was waiting for him to come out STRONGLY in support of Tim Canova who he says he supports and who is running against Bernie's own nemesis... Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  This endorsement at the launch of Our Revolution was a NO BRAINER... Bernie had the opportunity to show us he isn't in Hillary Clinton's pocket.  Schultz cost not just Bernie but ALL OF US the primary.  She circumvented democracy.  Bernie's support for Hillary Clinton now extends to DEBBIE FUCKING WASSERMAN SCHULTZ.  That, to me, was the final straw.

So, no endorsement directly for Tim Canova... Bernie did endorse five other candidates who are part of "Our Revolution".  Among them, Russ Finegold, who wouldn't have lost his seat that he held for 12 years in the first place if he didn't so strongly embrace Obamacare.  Tim Canova, on the other hand, running against Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the type of revolutionary candidate "Our Revolution" is supposed to be supporting - not long-seated Democrats who were voted out by the people.  Bernie could have even named SIX endorsements that night.

I keep looking at the pictures of the Our Revolution people and keep wondering... WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

Sadly, for many of us, it appears "Our Revolution" isn't really OUR revolution.  And that's really OK.  The "Our Revolution" people aren't revolutionaries...  

And OUR revolution already has a home.  I want to work with THESE people.  People who will crash the floor of the Democratic National Convention and peacefully protest.  THOSE are the revolutionaries and they aren't interested in how many TV ads Jeff Weaver can buy.


And so, my fellow revolutionaries, hang in there and don't be discouraged. There are many of us who are not falling for the "lesser" revolution that involves embracing Democrats at low levels.  There is a "greater" revolution and we all know it.  It is a revolution based on INTEGRITY.  It has declared that Enough is Enough... and we are not willing to wait for OUR REVOLUTION to happen.  The entire House is up for re-election THIS year.  WE can make OUR revolution, OUR voices, OUR votes felt THIS YEAR... not after Hillary has had a few years to silence us.  The time for the REAL revolution is NOW. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Voting for the Unknown Known

We'll never know what he knows...
"There are known knowns.
These are things we know that we know.
There are known unknowns.
That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know.
But there are also unknown unknowns.
There are things we don't know we don't know." - Donald Rumsfeld

A wise friend once said to me "You're not often right, but you're wrong again!" Hopefully, I'm going to be right about something for once.  Let's see if we can follow my alethic logic*.

Mr. Rumsfeld left out the one possibility that I am advocating for in this election... the unknown known.  The unknown known is something we don't know we know.

"The unknown known is something we don't know we know" ...  "The unknown known is that we have an alternative to Clinton and Trump" 

OK... I'm quoting myself here trying to be dramatic.

And I'm here to say EXACTLY what that "unknown known" is which will save us from the known known - that is that neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump have the support of the people.  The unknown known is that we have an alternative to Clinton and Trump.  

Impossible, you say?  Third parties don't have a chance?  It's a two-party system?  Are you trying to get Trump elected.  Are you trying to get Hillary Elected.  It HAS to be one or the other... Right?  

What if I told you this is not true.  

Here's what my logical brain is telling me.  The mainstream media isn't covering this election properly... If they were... people would know that the ENTIRE HOUSE is up for re-election in 2016.  Wait what?  Didn't you know this?  If not, why not?  Yes... EVERY SEAT in the House is up for grabs.  Some Senate seats too, but for this conversation, the Senate is unimportant... Sorry Mitch...

OK, fine, but what does that mean with regard to defeating Trump and Clinton?  I'm glad I asked... 

You may have heard a number being tossed around... 270.  That's a "magic" number.  It is the number of electoral college votes one of the candidates needs to receive in order to be President of the United States.  If that doesn't happen (and remember, we have 5 candidates in the race, able to pull votes from Clinton and Trump)... the election is thrown to... <drumroll> ... The HOUSE... NOOOooo... not the House that is sitting today... the NEW HOUSE will decide who our next President will be.  And the new House doesn't have to choose between Clinton and Trump.  There are, again, 5 candidates running.  So voters can actually ENSURE that neither Trump nor Hillary are President.  And here's what that will take:

First, you may have noticed the media has mentioned that the Koch brothers are diverting attention (money) to down-ticket races and not contributing to Trump.  Why is this?  And if the Koch brothers are focusing on down-ticket races, maybe we should too.  
Bernie Sanders, after all, is also pushing down-ticket candidates... and it is starting to look more and more like this could very well be more important in the PRESIDENTIAL election than we know.  That is part of our unknown known.

Now that we know what was unknown, let's take a look at the significance of a disgruntled electorate and a 100% vulnerable house.  

First and foremost, can the electorate ensure that neither Trump nor Clinton attain the necessary 270 electoral votes?

I consider the following states as fertile for possible third-party upsets on the Republican side: AZ - 11, GA - 16, MO - 10
On the Democrat side, third parties could upset in MI - 16, WI - 10

Additionally, I'm not so sure CA is automatically Clinton's - but I'm probably sticking my neck out.  A lot of people I know are angry about being disenfranchised by Democrats.

Other states that could show strong showings for third-party candidates are CO - 9, FL - 29, IA, 6, NC - 15, NH - 4, NV - 6, OH - 16, VA - 13.  If any of these states don't go for Clinton or Trump, we could be looking at neither candidate achieving 270 electoral votes.  Nothing is a sure thing in this election.  Try it out here...

So, it is becoming apparent, to me at least, that the election could be headed for the House.  And, if the big-money corporate interests have their way, their own candidates will retain their seats.  IF...  

And so... to ensure their candidate wins, corporations will throw lots and lots of MONEY into the campaigns of their candidates.  They will run attack ads and fill the air waves with the praises of their corrupt candidates.  And THAT, my friends, is EXACTLY how we will know who to vote for in down-ticket races.  Because the unknown candidate will be known to the voters.  This is the candidate who we've never heard of - or have heard a lot of unsubstantiated nonsense about.  

We would rather vote AGAINST the enemy we know... the INCUMBENT... the name that has been drilled into our heads in every political ad this season (and previous ones).  I'm not suggesting, of course, that voters vote blindly.  I'm suggesting they take a real close look at the unknown candidates on the ticket - and consider voting for them.  Big money will shove their candidates in our faces... Mainstream media will do its best to hide the facts from us too.  But this election, the one thing that was unknown before is known now.  This electorate has the numbers to change the world... and we don't have to limit ourselves to starting at the bottom.

All these seats could be filled with NEW people in 2017.  Those people could select our NEW President.

WE can elect a NEW HOUSE in 2016.  NO INCUMBENTS... Clean sweep.  The NEW House will determine the next President.  If we select the right people to the new House, they will select the right President for US! 

* Alethic Logic : The modal logic of necessity and possibility and contingency.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Clinton Foundation: "Move on - Nothing to see here"

I have to admit, I agree with the Clinton family and the hundreds of millions of Clinton supporters and other people they have influenced (in one way or another who are still with us) that I just don't see the problem here.  If the Clinton Foundation had been guilty of accepting donations from foreign governments in exchange for favors by the Bill or Hillary, wouldn't we have heard about it before now?  I mean come on... 

It's obvious that this is all just stuff the Republicans and particularly Donald Trump, who has been colluding with the Russians a lot more recently, came up with to smear Hillary's good name and the good good name of the Clinton Foundation.  Shame on them for dragging this spotless money through the mud... money Hillary just got finished laundering, in fact!  

Sure, make a big deal about Hillary appointing one of her donors to the Nuclear Advisory Board... but don't forget, we were IN THE PROCESS of selling uranium to the Russians... so what do YOU think she should have done... appoint someone who DIDN'T want a favor?

So, what's next, Republicans?  I suppose you'll want to check the books of the Clinton Health Access Initiative.  OK, sure, last time anyone looked, there was a few million laundered through Canada and half a million from Algeria they forgot to report... but all that has changed.  Hillary is going to PROMISE this time.  And I can hear you Trump-supporters just saying "Yeah, but she promised in 2009 when she became Secretary of State"... I can just hear you.  It doesn't matter how many times it's  proven she is incapable of lying, Republicans, for some reason, don't want to acknowledge her spotless record on truthiness.

But she promised there would be no APPEARANCE of a conflict of interest - and it isn't Hillary's fault that the records of these foreign transactions "appeared".  And for the most part Obama helped grease the wheels... so THERE MUST NOT BE ANYTHING WRONG GOING ON.  

And that's EXACTLY what a full public disclosure would reveal, if the Clintons felt the need to make their dealings with foreign governments public... so why should they?

And seriously, BILL is going to PROMISE too, and we all know HE is a man of his word.  So I'm dumbfounded to see what the fuss is all about.  Bill and Hillary promise they will no longer be running the Clinton Foundation... since they will be President and First Whatever... so there is certainly no worry that everything is not on the up and up... so to speak.

So, if you really think Chelsea is going to be taking in money from foreign governments and making promises for her President and First Whatever parents, well, let me just say right here, you must have your tin-foil hat on too tight! 

NPR Story
LA Times Article

Monday, August 15, 2016

Bill Calls Donald

Donald: Hello...

Bill:  Don, what the hell are you doing?  Hillary's numbers are tanking!

Donald: Who is this?

Bill:  It's Bill Clinton you idiot!

DonaldBill?  I didn't know it was you.  Your name didn't come up on my phone.

Bill:  Oh, yeah, we all had to get new phones.  Something about Tony Weiner texting Nancy Pelosi.

Donald: Oh, uh... OK... so, what are you talking about?  Hillary is doing terrific in the polls... just like we talked about.

Bill:  You're not really telling me you think those are REAL polls are you?  
We'er polling DEAD PEOPLE you idiot!  NOBODY is actually "with her"... but... This has GOT to look like an election at SOME point.

DonaldBill, Bill, I'm holding up my end.  I'm doing FANTASTIC!  I've insulted everyone.  I've insulted women, blacks, Latinos, judges, veterans, parents of veterans, gays, disabled people... I've insulted Republicans, Democrats, bankers... I've insulted BABIES!!! And THEY can't even vote!  

Bill:  You've just GOT to try harder... I mean... don't try so hard... Whatever you're doing - stop doing it Don, you're messing this all up. 

DonaldBut, Bill... I'm not spending a DIME.  I haven't run an ad in MONTHS!  The media is giving this election to me.  I've even started insulting THEM, and they STILL LOVE ME.  I sent Ivanka to vacation with PUTIN's girlfriend, for crying out loud.  Everybody STILL loves me.  

So... tell me how we can get people to vote for Hillary and I'll help you.  I've stopped going after her.  I just can't think of anything else I can do Bill.

Bill:  Well, lay off the "rigged elections" stuff for a while.  Stay on the "rigged media"... that's good for now.  The less media attention we have, the better.  The Olympics should have helped us but it hasn't.  You should start insulting a few Olympians... that's sure to divert attention for a while.  If you can find a former Bernie supporter who's competing in the Olympics, that would be the best.  

Donald: OK, I'll put my people on it.  It will be terrific!

Bill:  Now listen... I think the FBI is still poking around the elections... and I can only be at so many polling places at one time... so, you're going to have to help me out here... it has GOT to look like a fair election... and at this point the only way Hillary is going to win is if YOU drop out at the last possible moment.  Can you do that for me Big Guy?

DonaldBill, are you kidding me?  I can't WAIT to get out of this... and I'd rather not hang on any longer than I have to.  I can drop out just before the election and before there's time for anyone else to get involved.  But, what do you want me to do in the mean time? 

Bill:  Well, I don't know who else is left for you to insult... Asians?

Donald: Wait... not the Chinese... Who's going to make my hats?

Bill:  Well, I can't think of anyone else who likes you.  Is it too late to start attacking the NRA?

Donald: Now THAT sounds terrific!  I won't have trouble in that department... I guarantee it.  Oh, and sorry about that "2nd Amendment people" thing... I think I must have been thinking of the 5th Amendment.

Bill:  Yeah, well... if there's one thing we 5th Amendment people do, it's STICK TOGETHER.   

So, how's your daughter doin'?


GOP Operatives Aren’t So Sure That Trump Even Wants To Win

“Just when I’m convinced that all signs of control of Trump’s actions point to Moscow, I’m jerked back to reality that only Bill Clinton could really devise this madness from a GOP nominee,” said John Weaver, who spearheaded John Kasich’s presidential campaign. “Seriously, even someone trying to throw the race wouldn’t go to these lengths, even out of self-respect.”

"Does it Matter if the Election was Rigged"

If the mainstream media didn't report it, it didn't happen.  It doesn't matter that some of us actually experienced election fraud and voter suppression, this was our imagination working overtime.  Bill Clinton visiting the polling stations, elimination of hundreds of polling stations, misprinted ballots, discarded ballots, outrageously inaccurate exit polls, faulty voting machines, 5-hour lines, media collusion... Don't worry... Everything is fine... move along.  Hillary won fair and square... forget what you EXPERIENCED... believe what we tell you.  Who would question their own government after all?  Who but "anti-Americans" would suggest our government is not being forthright with the people?

PATRIOTS... that's who!  People who believe in DEMOCRACY... that's who.  People who believe we cannot have democracy without fair elections!  People who believe our Constitution gave us the right - the OBLIGATION to protest our government - to demand our voices be heard.  Americans demand that our government represents US - and we tell our government how to do that by VOTING.  

When voting is being suppressed - when vote counts are tampered with - It is someone who is NOT a PATRIOT who is doing this!  Voter suppression goes against the Constitution and the will of the people... you know... WE THE PEOPLE...

So, let's be clear here... because we actually SAW what happened in the "Democratic" primary with our own eyes.  We didn't see a UFO... The primary was simply RIGGED.  NO question.  Anyone can search "Voter Suppression 2016" for dozens of video testimonies.  

We also saw what happened at the DNC.  More suppression - this time it was suppression of the DELEGATES.  As I said above, it's people who are NOT PATRIOTS who support this!

So, who is surprised that people who experienced voter suppression cannot back the candidate who is the beneficiary of that voter suppression?  Anybody?  But what about the people who support that candidate?  Do they support VOTER SUPPRESSION?  To many of us... the answer is YES!  They support voter suppression when they pretend Hillary won "fair and square".  They are NOT patriots - they don't love democracy like the rest of us do.  To these anti-Americans who support voter suppression, WE are "being ridiculous".  And guess what... WE'RE NOT BEING RIDICULOUS!  We're being AMERICANS!

What I find "ridiculous" is the number of people who don't GET THIS!  There is NO moving forward with the Democratic party and a candidate who stole the primary and now simply doesn't have the votes to support their candidacy.  The votes they suppressed in order to have their candidate win the primary are NOT votes for their candidate in the general.  Hillary Clinton is millions of votes SHORT.  That's why she needs REPUBLICANS to vote for her.  Voting for Hillary Clinton is literally voting AGAINST DEMOCRACY!  

So who are the anti-Americans who are supporting a rigged election?  When you look closely, they are the very establishment that Hillary Clinton will be representing as President.  Millionaires and billionaires support the theme that "Hillary won fair and square".  Celebrities, politicians, business people... they support Hillary by ignoring election rigging... or more accurately - they ignore election rigging to support Hillary.  Seriously - Fuck them!

And so for me, and for millions of Americans who are patriots, and cannot support the anti-American notion of stealing elections, Hillary Clinton may as well not be on the ballot.  There is NOTHING that will convince me to "vote" against democracy.  
Those politicians and entertainment personalities who support Clinton and insist I must, are asking me to vote against AMERICA!  Not only that, but I SEE them as anti-American and cannot support THEM in their ventures - whether they are politicians or celebrities.  Their facade has been peeled away and I see them for what they are... exploiters of the people - just like the politicians they support.  Their viewer numbers have dropped and they are realizing there is a cost to supporting election rigging.

So, "Democratic" party... this is WE the People saying... If you support your candidate through election fraud and voter suppression, don't expect us to support ANY of you!  There are LOTS of people running for President.  We can choose from among those who believe in DEMOCRACY!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Bernie Sanders is NOT Rocky!

I understand Bernie Sanders is out of the running... But...

I refuse to believe I am the only one who thought about this.  We were in PHILADELPHIA for crying out loud. For over a year, stadiums were filled with the chants BERNIE, BERNIE, BERNIE...  Hey, maybe I'm older than most Bernie supporters, but it sure reminded me of those old movies... ROCKY, ROCKY, ROCKY... 

And damn it... in EVERY one, Rocky was down... no chance... no hope... And then... Somebody always snapped him out of it... and we ALL heard that bell... and the fanfare... and we knew ROCKY was back in the game.  And there was no doubt in anybody's mind that Rocky was going to kick some ass... Russian ass if necessary.
Sure, Bernie was down... the fight was rigged... they wanted him to take a dive... and still... we never gave up... BERNIE, BERNIE, BERNIE... 

Any minute now, we were SURE Jane was going to whisper into Bernie's ear and tell him it was OK for him to WIN!  

And then the DNC happened... Day after day... we waited for Jane... we waited, and waited... we wanted to hear that damned bell and the fanfare that would let us know we were still in this to WIN. 

The bell never came... white noise machines made sure nobody heard any fanfare.  Still we rallied... BERNIE, BERNIE, BERNIE.  

"They cheer for HIM" somebody at the DNC was overheard snarling...  

Our Common Voice

I'm nobody special... I'm "common", and I'm reaching out to readers who may feel common too.  Common is another way of saying united... of saying, "we're together".

I've been blogging for a while and have been an activist and a whistle-blower... NOOO... not on the government (I'm still here, right?).  Seriously, I'm common so I play in very small ponds.  Nonetheless, I feel I have made a difference in those ponds. 

Despite overusing ellipsis... um... ellipsises... um... ellipsi... um... those three dot thingies... I'm actually a published author... in real books and magazines and stuff. But again, not in the world of politics.  I never felt I could have a voice... and I am quite certain there are much smarter people than me to analyse what's happening.
Heck, I'm still getting my news from the Google tubes, so I'm ripe for making ridiculous mistakes... I'm probably going to see what you see but I'll take it a step beyond what's reasonable, so you don't have to.

So, I'm a common voice who is kinda new to this political analysis stuff and I'm not trying to fool anyone into taking me seriously.  I have had some fun with political satire previously.  Years ago, I went by the nom-de-plume of Alethic Logic and posted on a Stephen Colbert (vanity) site called Wikiality.  

So, maybe that's the best approach to all this political stuff... taking it with a little humor, a grain of salt and a stick of butter when necessary.  
Enjoy the blog...