Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Unleashing the Dogs of War

It was during World War II that Adolf Hitler's racist goons used dogs to attack the Jews. 
Growing up, I never thought I would see this sort of thing in my lifetime. 

Then came the civil rights movement.
The dogs of war were unleashed again... this time, before my young eyes.  

This looked like something from my history books in school.  Why were these policemen using attack dogs on people?

I thought we learned from this at some point.  We were supposed to STOP doing this.  Below is an image from the civil rights movement, of a peaceful protester being assaulted by a police officer and his dog... and a statue capturing that moment... It sure looks to me as if we pretended to have learned our lesson... so what happened?

So, this statue means this is shameful... right?  WE don't do this anymore... right?  So WE must not approve of CORPORATIONS doing this... right?
This is happening at Standing Rock North Dakota PEACEFUL protest right NOW!

Standing up for OUR planet against CORPORATE interests, the brave PROTECTORS put themselves in harms way for ALL of us.  Where are the mainstream media?  Where is OUR President?  Where are our elected representatives?  Where's Bernie? Hey, Elizabeth Warren... these are YOUR people, right?  How about the candidates running for President? Hillary?  Donald? NOBODY is interested in this story?

My two favorite superheros are there... Amy Goodman from Democracy Now covered the story here.  And Jill Stein, Green Party candidate apparently maced some bulldozers with spray paint.

But, if you're expecting the mainstream media to cover this event... you may be waiting for a long time.  Expect to see some stories about police dogs receiving medals.  And let's be clear here... the dogs are NOT at fault here... clearly the "animals" are the ones holding the leashes.  This is a PRIVATE SECURITY COMPANY, hired by a corporation to attack civilians.  Where are the assault charges?

Expect the police to step in and arrest the peaceful protesters... not the ones who have committed ASSAULT!

And the media... they can't be bothered with this sort of thing.  The protesters here identified their sacred burial sites - in order to protect them.  
The bulldozers headed straight for them destroying the ancestral grave sites and the known stone monuments that marked them.  

Imagine for a moment, a corporation bulldozing ARLINGTON CEMETERY. 

I imagine this is what it must have felt like for the Standing Rock people.

The media is covering another desecrated monument today, however...

Duckbill rock is famous for people standing on it and taking pictures of themselves.  We should all bow our heads that vandals destroyed this... and ignore the ones who are actual PROTECTORS of our PLANET.

The link below has some videos of what happened during the weekend protests:


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