Monday, August 15, 2016

"Does it Matter if the Election was Rigged"

If the mainstream media didn't report it, it didn't happen.  It doesn't matter that some of us actually experienced election fraud and voter suppression, this was our imagination working overtime.  Bill Clinton visiting the polling stations, elimination of hundreds of polling stations, misprinted ballots, discarded ballots, outrageously inaccurate exit polls, faulty voting machines, 5-hour lines, media collusion... Don't worry... Everything is fine... move along.  Hillary won fair and square... forget what you EXPERIENCED... believe what we tell you.  Who would question their own government after all?  Who but "anti-Americans" would suggest our government is not being forthright with the people?

PATRIOTS... that's who!  People who believe in DEMOCRACY... that's who.  People who believe we cannot have democracy without fair elections!  People who believe our Constitution gave us the right - the OBLIGATION to protest our government - to demand our voices be heard.  Americans demand that our government represents US - and we tell our government how to do that by VOTING.  

When voting is being suppressed - when vote counts are tampered with - It is someone who is NOT a PATRIOT who is doing this!  Voter suppression goes against the Constitution and the will of the people... you know... WE THE PEOPLE...

So, let's be clear here... because we actually SAW what happened in the "Democratic" primary with our own eyes.  We didn't see a UFO... The primary was simply RIGGED.  NO question.  Anyone can search "Voter Suppression 2016" for dozens of video testimonies.  

We also saw what happened at the DNC.  More suppression - this time it was suppression of the DELEGATES.  As I said above, it's people who are NOT PATRIOTS who support this!

So, who is surprised that people who experienced voter suppression cannot back the candidate who is the beneficiary of that voter suppression?  Anybody?  But what about the people who support that candidate?  Do they support VOTER SUPPRESSION?  To many of us... the answer is YES!  They support voter suppression when they pretend Hillary won "fair and square".  They are NOT patriots - they don't love democracy like the rest of us do.  To these anti-Americans who support voter suppression, WE are "being ridiculous".  And guess what... WE'RE NOT BEING RIDICULOUS!  We're being AMERICANS!

What I find "ridiculous" is the number of people who don't GET THIS!  There is NO moving forward with the Democratic party and a candidate who stole the primary and now simply doesn't have the votes to support their candidacy.  The votes they suppressed in order to have their candidate win the primary are NOT votes for their candidate in the general.  Hillary Clinton is millions of votes SHORT.  That's why she needs REPUBLICANS to vote for her.  Voting for Hillary Clinton is literally voting AGAINST DEMOCRACY!  

So who are the anti-Americans who are supporting a rigged election?  When you look closely, they are the very establishment that Hillary Clinton will be representing as President.  Millionaires and billionaires support the theme that "Hillary won fair and square".  Celebrities, politicians, business people... they support Hillary by ignoring election rigging... or more accurately - they ignore election rigging to support Hillary.  Seriously - Fuck them!

And so for me, and for millions of Americans who are patriots, and cannot support the anti-American notion of stealing elections, Hillary Clinton may as well not be on the ballot.  There is NOTHING that will convince me to "vote" against democracy.  
Those politicians and entertainment personalities who support Clinton and insist I must, are asking me to vote against AMERICA!  Not only that, but I SEE them as anti-American and cannot support THEM in their ventures - whether they are politicians or celebrities.  Their facade has been peeled away and I see them for what they are... exploiters of the people - just like the politicians they support.  Their viewer numbers have dropped and they are realizing there is a cost to supporting election rigging.

So, "Democratic" party... this is WE the People saying... If you support your candidate through election fraud and voter suppression, don't expect us to support ANY of you!  There are LOTS of people running for President.  We can choose from among those who believe in DEMOCRACY!

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