Saturday, August 13, 2016

Our Common Voice

I'm nobody special... I'm "common", and I'm reaching out to readers who may feel common too.  Common is another way of saying united... of saying, "we're together".

I've been blogging for a while and have been an activist and a whistle-blower... NOOO... not on the government (I'm still here, right?).  Seriously, I'm common so I play in very small ponds.  Nonetheless, I feel I have made a difference in those ponds. 

Despite overusing ellipsis... um... ellipsises... um... ellipsi... um... those three dot thingies... I'm actually a published author... in real books and magazines and stuff. But again, not in the world of politics.  I never felt I could have a voice... and I am quite certain there are much smarter people than me to analyse what's happening.
Heck, I'm still getting my news from the Google tubes, so I'm ripe for making ridiculous mistakes... I'm probably going to see what you see but I'll take it a step beyond what's reasonable, so you don't have to.

So, I'm a common voice who is kinda new to this political analysis stuff and I'm not trying to fool anyone into taking me seriously.  I have had some fun with political satire previously.  Years ago, I went by the nom-de-plume of Alethic Logic and posted on a Stephen Colbert (vanity) site called Wikiality.  

So, maybe that's the best approach to all this political stuff... taking it with a little humor, a grain of salt and a stick of butter when necessary.  
Enjoy the blog...

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